Phonics Based Reading for 3rd Through 12th Grades

How much would achievement increase if the students were able to accurately
read at grade level?

Educators realize that students are coming to their classrooms without the basic foundational reading skills. They understand that instructing students who are below grade level is challenging and even impossible.

How can students’ reading rate and accuracy levels be increased by one or
more years?

If you want to increase your reading scores, you must first know how to provide students with decoding skills based on a research-based curriculum. The phonics based program teaches the skills to mastery with a 98% accuracy rate. Students learn and scores soar.

Is the student’s confidence in reading important to the success of your school

This training will equip your staff with skills to master decoding skills at the individual’s tested reading level. When learners read at a level that is their best fit, their confidence and eagerness to learn increase as well.

Are your struggling readers a concern?

Providing differentiated instructions that increase their rate and accuracy will reduce the struggle. These instructions teach to master and provide additional practice of skills taught. Research studies indicate that the cumulative development of skills is an essential component of learning.

Sharon Taylor